The Steps of Creation Part I Life

Is out now as an eBook. You can find the kindle edition in the Kindle Store for 77p or $1


This book offers Creationist belief and a new theory of evolution based on the facts of modern science.

Facts from biology and paleontology all point to the conclusion that life has been complex from its origin. None the less, life has adapted to new conditions and become more diverse over time.

In Steps Part I new concepts on the following topics are discussed:

– Genetics: genes that make humans similar to apes and genes that make humans uniquely human
– Evolution that occurs by genetic switching-off. An ‘advantageous gene’ may be a blank, unexpressed gene.
– Highly evolved forms of life are often reduced forms. There are hundreds of examples of this e.g. moles have no eye balls, but they do have eye sockets which gives them selective advantage to life underground.
– The Natural Selection of modified traits and the limits to Natural Selection: Charles Darwin’s definitions of this concept.
– A new classification system of bacteria, single cell organisms, plants and animals: 120 basic kinds or classes of life.
– The fossil record of succeeding types of life and the ecosystems they belonged to.
– Life has never been created in a test-tube: the reasons why.
– Life has produced the conditions for life on planet Earth: anaerobic life produced water and continues to do so.

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