The Steps of Creation Part II Cosmos

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The universe is initiated with the creation of matter. This is different to the idea of matter condensing out of energy in the Big Bang model. In the Multi-Bang matter is flung out from multiple centres of expansion and the early universe is flooded with light. The opening words of Genesis speak of this light. Matter in motion forms revolving galaxies within which stars are born. This process does not involve ‘dark matter’, but only the matter actually observed in the universe. Part II of Steps describes the cosmic evolution of created matter.

In the Theory of Nanocreation and Entropic Evolution the fundamental stable elements were created as the components of life. Microscopic life is found on a vast scale. The unstable radioactive elements have been produced by natural processes and these evolved elements decay back into stable elements.

In the scenario offered by Part II of Steps, life is created by God and its components are the 16 fundamental elements found at the top of the Periodic Table. There are also three elements that act as catalysts in the formation of stars. Thus, the stuff of life, the elements of organic molecules, were not randomly fortuitously created in stars, but designed expressly for the functions of life and created within cells.

The description of the cosmos given in Part II is about the observed universe and not about speculations on unobserved things such as hypothetical other universes. The description of subatomic particles in Chapter 14 is based on the facts about known particles, and not about the hypothetical particle zoo.

I set out to write about the science of cosmology and physics with my feet firmly planted on the ground avoiding anything fanciful and trendy. But when I saw the unfurling of the early universe in my mind’s eye, I was stunned by the beauty and simplicity of what I saw.

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