#17 Against Naturalism to Explain the Origin of Life

Conclusion to this chapter:

Given my belief in God as a real God who acts in a real world, it would not be logical for me to also believe in Naturalism.  Logical and rational thought does not exclude belief in a level of existence beyond the material world.  I believe that God is tangibly present in the universe which He created.  I propose that God created the intrinsic properties of matter with the purpose of bringing forth life in the universe.  Thus, I believe that God created the macromolecules DNA, RNA and proteins as a functioning genetic system within the first living cells which were designed as such.

In this chapter I have described the four types of organic molecule and their subunits; covalent and hydrogen bonding between the elements of molecules; the four layers of protein structure; the stereospecificity of enzymes that function as catalysts in biosynthesis; and the building of monomers into carbon-based polymers. 

There are different levels of order in biochemistry.  The bonding strengths between elements are crucial for the functions that they fulfil as the components of life.  Bonding strengths are determined by the structure of atoms.  Thus, there is a level of order relating to physics.  Simple molecules show chemical affinities for each other and properties such as solubility in water.  Thus, there is a level of order relating to chemistry.  Organic monomers that are themselves relatively complex[1] are joined together to form complex organic macromolecules.  Monomers are reacted together by enzyme catalysts according to stereospecificity rather than natural affinity.  The specificity is dictated by a code carried as DNA.  Thus, there are levels of order in biochemistry that function in accord with rules of assembly.  However, the level of order relating to protein formation in biology embodies information and is specific rather than rule-bound.

The philosophy of Naturalism reposes upon the discovery of natural affinities between elements and molecules and certain observable levels of order.  I contend firstly, that the natural affinities are the result of the original design of the components of living matter, and secondly, that biology exhibits order based on specificity, rather than regularity.

I agree with Creationists and Intelligent Designists that belief in the philosophy of Naturalism has taken over science and is suppressing legitimate avenues of exploration.  The foundations of modern science were not based on a philosophy of Naturalism but on a willingness to explore Nature and ‘think God’s thoughts after Him’.  Naturalism is not delivering the break-throughs in science sort after, especially in the origin of life field.  I believe that recognition of a higher order of reality will produce the insights necessary to a deeper understanding of the universe and the life within it.

[1] Organic monomers are relatively complex, for example, the nucleotide building blocks of nucleic acids contain over 30 atoms, and the average amino acid subunit of proteins is composed of 16 atoms.

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