#1 Natural Selection: Strands of Evolutionary Thought

The Theory of Entropic Evolution includes the concept of Natural Selection.  But what is this concept?  In fact, as Charles Darwin presented it, the concept of Natural Selection is more than one single concept – it is a concept composed of several strands of thought.  The objective of this chapter is to untie those strands and examine them.

The Origin of Species is one of my favourite books and very enjoyable to read.  I first read it when I was at University studying biology (in my first year) and its influence has stayed with me ever since.  Although I do not reach the same conclusions as Darwin, I have always felt complete oneness with his thought processes and the mode of his reasoning.

Due to the importance of Natural Selection and associated concepts for the Theory of Nanocreation and Entropic Evolution, I am going to give a detailed description and analysis of the ideas contained in The Origin of Species in this chapter / series of posts.

I will also take this opportunity to discuss the relationship between belief in Evolution and faith, and types of Creationism.


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