Serialization Blog

Serialization Blog

I will be using this Serialization Blog to post articles as episodes in a series. You will be able to find the full articles on the Articles page of this website. I’ll also be throwing in some stand-alone posts as well. These Principles of Creation posts are based on my original ideas and the hope I have to renew the whole approach today to Christian Creationism and science.

Word and Information

This is a video / podcast of a talk I gave to the Discussion Group in May 2022. Creation occurred through the embodiment of information.

#2 Exercise Writing a Short Speech

This exercise on writing a short speech follows on from the podcast on how to prepare and deliver a speech.  It gives listeners 6 minutes of training that they can pause while they do the writing exercise for themselves.  The art of public speaking comes from the practise of it.

#15 God Thinks on a Totally Different Level to Us

God knows all things eternally at once.  God knows things other than himself through himself.  He knows them simultaneously and intuitively.  God is omniscient. If the thought and writings of any one person changed the course of history, it was the thought of Thomas Aquinas.  The foundations of Western civilization and Western thought are planted … Continue reading #15 God Thinks on a Totally Different Level to Us

#14 What is Knowledge?

Thomas Aquinas’ thoughts culminate in the analysis of what thought is in itself.  He reflects upon human thought and then upon God’s thoughts. Human understanding is based on what can be perceived by the senses and captured in the imagination.  The proper object of the human intellect is the ‘whatness’ or quiddity of the material … Continue reading #14 What is Knowledge?

#12 What is Act?

Some theologians have said that Aquinas’ argument is not dependent on a past, but only on a present cause of being.  It is true that act is a continuous present.  God is the continuous present of creation.  What is made is maintained in actuality by God’s own existence. Aquinas writes that creatures exist and live … Continue reading #12 What is Act?

#11 A Beginning to Creation

Thomas Aquinas, along with all the other Church Fathers of the Catholic and Orthodox churches, believed that creation had a beginning.  The beginning brought time into being. Thomas Aquinas also shared the Evangelical Creationist belief that God created many forms of life and the substrate upon which they depend directly; he brought creatures into existence … Continue reading #11 A Beginning to Creation

#10 Creation and Act

The creative power of God is common to the whole Trinity and belongs to the essence of God.  God is the Father of the Son from eternity; while He is the Father of the creature in time. Reference: Summa Theologica Volume 1: Treatise on the creation: The mode of emanation of things from the first principle: Whether … Continue reading #10 Creation and Act


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