Podcast: Word and Information

This is a podcast of a talk I gave to the Discussion Group in May 2022.

Creation occurred through the embodiment of information.

#2 Exercise Writing a Short Speech

This exercise on writing a short speech follows on from the podcast on how to prepare and deliver a speech.  It gives listeners 6 minutes of training that they can pause while they do the writing exercise for themselves.  The art of public speaking comes from the practise of it.

#1 How to Create a Short Speech

This is a workshop on public speaking I gave to a writers group (belonging to Association of Christian Writers ACW) in September 2022.  It teaches you how to write and deliver a speech.  The recommendations I give come from my own experience of giving speeches.  I have been a member of Toastmasters International and the Association of Speakers Clubs (based in the UK) for over 5 years.  

I am sorry about the sudden beginning and ending of this podcast, but I had to edit out the group discussion which preceded and ensued so I don’t sign off properly in the edit. I’ll get it right next time.

Clare September 2022

The next blog post and tweet will have the mini-speech writing exercise.