#5 Theism, Naturalism and faith

Scientific theory does indeed often appear to spring from an internal dialogue of science with faith on the part of the thinker.  I think my thesis that science is born of faith is upheld.  Debate is also certainly necessary as the ‘sounding board’ to ideas.

It is also the case that people who once had a faith can turn against it and take up science instead of faith.  Atheism needs Theism as the thing to fight against – kicking a void would not be a sane thing to do.  Theism must be something, and not nothing if you can oppose it.

Many Christians work in science today.  They have adopted Methodological Naturalism to get by.  This means that all the methods used by science are purely material, but the personal meaning attributed to science as an activity is theistic – Christians in science often feel they have a God-given vocation.

There are no more prefaces to scientific books praising the wisdom of the Creator; science done to the glory of God in the past, is now done to the triumph of secularism.

Much of science today entails analysis of data to establish facts, but I do feel that Christians are being swept along with scientific theories which underneath have an Atheist agenda.  This puts Christians in survival mode.