#1 An Evolving Creationist

On a bus between Coquimbo and La Serena in the north of Chile it came to me that the answer is genetics.

And the question?  Well, it’s a long story, but I had come to believe both in evolution and creation.  Most people would say these are totally contradictory beliefs; you opt for one or you opt for the other.  In 1992 I found myself in the very confusing and awkward position of believing in both.  So I had to sort it out, or I would no longer sleep at night.

Biology was my first love since as far back as I can remember.  I was fascinated with trying to understand plants and animals since maybe the age of five or even two when I’m said to have kept on pulling the peony buds off the plant that grew in our garden to gleefully present to my mother.

When I went to university aged 19, it was to study biology (though I finally graduated in anthropology and sociology with a modular degree course).  At this time in 1980 I became an Evangelical and this brought me into contact with Creationist books.  Sometime later I became a Catholic, though I retained many Evangelical beliefs and contacts.

#15 Summary

The creation of life through the creation of genes made of DNA was:

  • Perfect – this means that the information encoding the living being was complete and whole
  • Each act of creation was specific and instantaneous
  • Creation was a rare occurrence and happened only at the major branching points in the tree of life
  • Creation happened according to the purposes of God

The evolution of this created life was:

  • Based on random mutation which is an error in the replication of DNA and so imperfect
  • Natural selection conserves the useful errors
  • The processes of evolution occur over time.  A time scale of millions of years reveals the changes that have taken place
  • Evolution occurs in accord with general laws of nature

A true understanding of science and a true understanding of what evolution actually consists of – could lead to a true theology that would glorify God as the true Creator of life.