#12 God Does Not Create Through Error

I believe it has been a very big mistake to conflate and equate God’s creation with evolution.

There are scientific reasons for affirming that random processes involving error cannot build up complete functional systems; random processes are not the basis to a message or code that can carry meaning – this includes a code such as the genetic code. Even the selection of certain fortunate errors would not give rise to complex functions.

I am absolutely certain that God does not guide mutation – on the contrary, he only allows errors to occur and people are born with genetic diseases sometimes, but never because God willed it to be that way.  We live amongst error in a fallen world.

God has not used random mutation as his instrument to create life. God does not create through error.

Life in its wonderful, amazing perfection is the product of mind – the greatest Mind that has ever expressed itself.

An act of creation would be a miracle.  God is capable of performing miracles on specific chosen occasions.

God is omniscient.  That means he knows all things, and he knows all about science.  Life was created as a message written in a DNA code.  By investigation science thinks God’s thoughts after him.