The images used for this series of posts on Incarnation and Jesus’ DNA – all belong to the genus Alstroemeria of the Lily family of plants. The other names are Peruvian lilies or Lily of the Incas. In Spanish they are called ‘lirios’.

The lilies I found and photographed were growing in the Atacama Desert of Chile, but they are found all over South America.

I included a flower locally known as ‘Copitas’ – copita means small glass for alcohol. Copitas have flowers identical to yellow Alstroemeria, but they have almost no stalks, and so grow low to the ground.

Alstroemeria is a favourite with florists. The much-loved cut flower we buy in England is, in fact, identical to the wild flower. The wild flower is exuberant, bright and varied just like the cultivated varieties.

Alstroemeria cut flowers in England