#6 True science springs from faith

Thomas Aquinas and those who followed him before the Reformation located God in metaphysics as Creator and in physics as Creator.  It was one meaningful whole.  After the Reformation and with the rise of the Mechanical Philosophy investigation into the working of things changed the focus, but in fact, made the light of faith shine stronger as the intricacies of nature revealed the mind of God.

Evolution swept away meaning traditionally attributed by Theists to the world around them – nature ceased to be seen as the handiwork of God and became the realm of blind forces.

(NB Evolution is, in fact, various concepts – which I discuss elsewhere.  There are both valid and invalid views of evolution).

Faith set the ball rolling that would give rise to modern science, but now modern science, set free from church, has set itself up to extinguish faith.  It is now being positioned as the object of faith.  Christians certainly have a future in science, but the path is not an easy one under the present secular conditions.

Breaking the link to God in the genesis of what exists, is to break free from logic itself.  Science cut from the tethers of the Word now floats free on the sea of uncertainty, the indeterminate and ill-defined.

True science springs from faith and always has done.  Today there is a large amount of error.  However, it is my belief that despite everything and often outright opposition, all paths eventually return to God Creator of both the matter of the universe and the life within it.