Prehistoric man was dehumanized by us

To summarize my thoughts on human origins and human evolution, humans started out human. They may have been primitive – in our eyes – but they were completely what they were, and not half-way-there to what they should be.

All creatures evolve, and this produces diversity within a type of thing. For all creatures become adapted to climate and their particular environment.

The human creature is no different in many respects from other creatures. What is different is that human evolution occurs as a response to human culture, and human culture is a product of the human mind.

Humans show considerable diversity geographically due to adaptation to climate, but also there is chronological diversity as humans were adapted to different cultures through prehistory, and prehistoric life was tough.

Differences in bone structure, behaviour and culture do not mean that prehistoric members of the genus Homo were not human. Our views on who we are and who they were dehumanized them! A lot of this is based on ignorance.

The half-evolved ape-man has about as much reality as a cartoon strip about the Flintstones.

  • Our body tissues and basic body plan are over 98% genetically identical to those of apes. We are part of the one ‘tree of life.’
  • The few genes – maybe a 1000 genes that are specific only to humans, have, I believe been shared by all members of the genus Homo for over 3 million years; that is to say, since the origin of the human line.
  • Human evolution, like the evolution of other creatures, has occurred through genetic switching off. This is explained in The Steps of Creation Part I. This is based on documented genetic evidence regarding mutations.
  • A person has a soul. No person has ever had half a soul. You either are one and have one, or don’t have one. This is what makes possible the ability to look into your own mind and know yourself.

This is the basis to being fully human while having tissues akin to those of other animals. We and all members of the genus Homo have similarities to apes while being very fundamentally different from apes from our origin.

It is us who dehumanized them