Paperback: The Steps of Creation Part I Life


Science today is dominated by the Philosophy of Naturalism which excludes God from its definition of reality.  It is shown in The Steps of Creation how the facts discovered by modern science may be incorporated into a new theory: The Theory of Nanocreation and Entropic Evolution.  This is unashamedly theistic science – science which includes God as Creator.  

In Part I of The Steps of Creation it is proclaimed that God created life through Nanocreation – the creation of the DNA code of life.  DNA is modified through mutation and evolution occurs through the Natural Selection of genetic variants.  Life has diversified through entropic processes but in its origin life was created.  

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The Steps of Creation Part III Earth History

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Part III of Steps is about Earth as a planet – a planet captured by the Sun along with other planets of our Solar System. This hypothesis is different to the current idea that planet Earth condensed out of solar nebula gas.

The Earth’s iron core was shot out of a supernova explosion and hurtling through space, picked up a mantle of rocks as it journeyed through interstellar dust clouds. When captured, our planet had already been inoculated with microscopic life and it was this life that started to transform Earth’s surface, turning it into a biofriendly place.

Life on Earth gave Earth an atmosphere; water forming pools in craters began to fill oceans; and land rising up out of the oceans was formed in large part from biologically deposited sedimentary rocks. Natural processes occurring as the metabolic processes of mainly single-cell life went on for thousands of millions of years. The result was an environment where higher forms of life could survive and thrive.

God created forms of life that would produce suitable conditions for other forms of life; ecosystems built up over time. The Earth was chosen and formed according to purpose.

In Part III the scientific facts of geology and other earth sciences are incorporated into new planet formation hypotheses some involving physical forces and others where life takes the centre stage as the producer of beneficial environments.

This is a book of alternative explanations and new understandings relating to Earth as a planet.

The Steps of Creation series Part III